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Since some of our customers do not want their projects to be exhibited, we cannot exhibit all our projects here.

Thank you for your understanding. ( We suggest you to check our " STD. MACHINES " page )

Robotic Shower Tray Production Automation

Sanica Bath Inc. Robotic shower tray production line automation system that we designed and produced for the company.

Jet Automation Robotic Palletizing Automation

Our ABB IRB 460 palletizing automation system.

Double head special design robot tool.

Catching the package + can with a single tool.

Seperator gripper.

Turnkey whole system project, mechanical, software, electronic.


Jet Automation double head gripping special design tool.

Jet Automation Robotic 
Stator Welding Machine


Double Torch Stator Welding Machine:

- Ability to weld all electric motors such as Electric car motors, Hybrid car electric motors, Scooter motors, Electric bicycle motors, All Synchronous, Asynchronous, Bldc, etc. under press:

- Compact design

- High sensitivity

- Suitable for factory production line automation systems

- High speed table changing

- Ability to weld under press up to 10 tons

- High quality components

Jet Robotic  Automation
Bordure Montage  Machine


Special design Furniture border assembly machine

Jet Automation Scara Robot
Press Feed Automation

Product feeding automation system with eccentric press Omron scara robot.

Jet Automation Automatic Tapping & Cartesian Robot Application (4 heads)

5 axis cartesian (GANTRY) robot automatic plugging and screwing process, specially designed and manufactured for SANICA Radiator.

Plug screwing speed: Ability to screw 4 plugs in 18 seconds.

Jet Automation - Yogurt Boxing Machine - Yogurt packing and case erector

Cartesian robot + Yoghurt setter + Parcel opening machine + Parcel top closing machine.

Rotary Table Security Seal Coding Machine

Logistics and banking etc. It is a special-purpose automation machine, which is adapted to encode the security seals used in the sectors at the same time, serial number and barcode.

Butterfly Seal Automatic Lining And Laser Coding

It is a special purpose automation machine that automatically aligns the ratchet butterfly seals used in water clocks, then coding the serial number with the laser marking machine, then separating them according to the codes on the desired package number and discharging them into the package.

Cartesian Robot
3D Concrete Printer R&D Project

Turkey is the first 3D printer concrete R & D project.

Jet Automation has undertaken all motion control electronics and some mechanical support in this project.

Cartesian Robot
PICK & PLACE Application

This machine, which we specially designed and manufactured for AKIM AKÜ, opens the locked boxes one by one, and makes them available for product. Then he takes the products from the line one by one and arranges them in the box.

Tamp Blow Applicator
Printer Labeling Machine

Tamp - Blow Printer Automatic Labeling Machine, which we produce and produce completely locally.
High printing speed of 75 pieces per minute at 6cm label height.
The first and only domestic production printer labeling machine.

All barcode and data matrix types

Being able to write.

Turkish and color touch screen.

Prevents label breaks completely

active tension control.

Automatic height adjustment

electronic mechanism.

New Model
Jet TB 1600
Dynamic CHECKWEIGHER & Robotic Case Filler

Dynamic weighing conveyor Weighing with 0,05gr precision.
Separating the product that is outside the weighing range by entering the weighing range.
Placing the product weighed with cartesian robot into the box and opening the box.

Parcel Forming Machine

Case Erector (parcel forming and taping barriers increase the production speed and eliminate the production errors caused by the folding of the parcels with manpower. Provides fast and high-quality production. removes.
Fully automatic carton forming machine with video below can fold the boxes that are very hard to fold (narrow and long) without breaking their form very easily. Under normal conditions, all such machines can form large and non-high boxes. With the special design solutions of Jet Automation, we can form in narrow and long boxes. And while we are achieving this, we are able to give 1000 forms per hour.

Semi Automatic Record Assembly Line

This specially designed assembly line increases the production speed.
In addition, it provides more efficient and fast work with less staff.
Thanks to the constant production rate and the load on the staff, such applications requiring manpower require a very high productivity increase.
And thanks to the personnel keeping up with this speed, the production line can be clearly known at the end of the day.

Jet Automation Automatic Tapping & Cartesian Robot Application

5 axis cartesian (GANTRY) robot automatic plugging and screwing process, specially designed and manufactured for SANICA Radiator.

Jet Automation - ABB Robotics

Jet Automation, ABB Robotics system integration presentation video ...

Jet Robotik  Otomasyon
2015 Faaliyet Tanıtım Videosu


Yaptığımız bazı projelere ait görüntüleri bu video gösterisinden izleyebilirsiniz.

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